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The Lab (Pre Album)

What's The Lab?
Is my first on chain audiovisual album which I showcases my skills as an artist, producer, and audiovisual designer.

The album will includes 8 tracks and 2 videos (or probably more), each drops tells a different story, exploring different themes, genres and moods, offering an immersive experience for collectors, listeners and viewers alike. 

"The Lab" is also a project that provides a way for artist-backers to interact, work together and support each other; in this project the top collectors become part of the team, having credits on the split , sharing percent of the album's earnings and unlocking exclusive rewards as a thanks for their support and contribution.

To provide you a sneak peek, I have prepared a series of demos with the purpose of showcasing some of the music that will be featured on the album and raising funds to cover the various expenses associated with it.

The top 3 collectors of each drop will receive credits as curators on one of the album tracks, along with a percentage of the on-chain earnings, a custom character of the Lab Crew collection and more rewards.

Collectors who own 10 or more demo discs of the pre-album also will receive a custom character from "The Lab Crew" when the album is released.
Who am I?
Hi, My name is Paulo Alejandro A.k.a. Alex Paul, I'm a Latin artist, musician, producer and audiovisual designer creating music NFTs from one of the northernmost cities on the Tamaulipas-Texas border in the Mexican side; Nuevo Laredo,

I started to create music 14 years ago. Music has always been my passion, but it was 5 years ago i believed in myself and decided to share my music with the world releasing it on the DSPS.
In March 2022 I discovered the existence of web 3, its infinite possibilities and found a new way to display my music to a new world. I had my debut dropping a genesis on the polygon network and selling more than the 50% of the collection (250 editions) . Since that day I've been experimenting and building on different platforms and blockchains. I have released music in platforms and marketplaces such Zora, Decent, Catalog and Sound.

At this moment I still working on create music for the blockchain, onboard new people and educate about web 3.
Web 3 Highlights:
  • 3 Sold Out Music drops on Sound
  • 2 Sold-Out Music drops on Zora
  • 1 Sold Out on Catalog
  • Top 10 Artists on Riff / Lens Protocol
  • Top 10 Artists on Decent
  • More than 2000 Collectors on Lens
  • More than 250 Music NFT Collectors
  • Founder of Musica W3 (a daily twitter space program to educate about Music and Web 3)
  • Performer on ‘’Una Canción’’
How are we going to build The Lab?
To bring this album to life I'm seeking to raise 8 ETH to cover the album costs through the sale of 4 music NFTs that I mint to show you a little bit of the music that will be featured and raising funds to cover the various expenses associated with it.

Every Music NFT includes different perks, rewards, golden eggs and percents of the album earnings (each drop works different).

Becoming a collector your you also become part of the team, getting into the credits and the album earnings split as executive producer/co-producer and participating in the release process.
Your investment will help to take this album to another level. 
Allocation of founds:
Production costs:

  • Producer/Engineer Fees: Compensation for the producer and/or engineer involved in the recording process.
  • Session Musician Fees: If additional musicians are required, their fees should be accounted for.
  • Equipment Rental/Buy: Renting or hiring any specialized equipment needed during the recording.

Music videos:

  • Director and Production Team: Budget for hiring a director and production crew.
  • Location Fees: Expenses related to securing shooting locations.
  • Set Design and Props: Allocating funds for any required set design, construction, and prop procurement.
  • Costume and Makeup: Budgeting for costumes and makeup artists for the video shoot.
  • Post-Production: Expenses related to video editing, visual effects, and color grading.
  • Promotion and Distribution: Allocating funds for marketing, distribution, and promotion of the music videos.

Distribution, Manufacturing and Prizes

  • Digital Distribution: Costs associated with distributing and promoting the album digitally through DSPS.
  • Physical Distribution: Budgeting for manufacturing physical items and associated distribution costs.
  • Licensing and Copyright: Expenses related to securing necessary licenses and copyright registrations.


💸 Why invest in The Lab?
Investing and becoming a partner of an independent artist to release an album can be an exciting opportunity. By investing on The Lab, you’re supporting an artist and also being part of the latin music story on web 3. 

bakers not only get access to exclusive content and rewards, they also become a part of the project and share in the earnings of the album; The lab open the doors to everyone who loves music and to be part of a bog music project on web 3; Empowering the artist and the collaborators to work, growth, build and win together.

Here are some reasons to consider be part of the team:

  1. Potential Financial Return: By investing in the album, you have the opportunity to earn a share of the album's earnings. If the album performs well and gains popularity, it can generate substantial revenue through sales.
  2. Supporting Emerging Talent: Partnering with an independent artist offers a chance to support and nurture emerging talent. By investing in my album, you can contribute to the growth and development of my artist's career.
  3. Creative Collaboration: As an investor and partner, you have the opportunity to engage in creative collaboration with me. You can provide input on the artistic direction, help shape the sound of the album, and contribute to the overall creative process.
  4. Influence and Creative Input: As an investor and partner, investors can have a voice in shaping the artist's creative direction. This involvement allows investors to contribute their expertise, ideas, and guidance, making them active participants in the artistic process.
  5. Shared Success and Rewards: Sharing album earnings with all investors means that each investor will have a direct stake in the project's success. When the album performs well, everyone benefits, fostering a sense of shared success and financial reward.
Whats The Lab Crew?
The Lab introduces The Lab Crew, a collection of unique and customizable 3D characters that will be released alongside the album. Collectors who own 10 or more discs, as well as the top 3 collectors of every drop, will receive one and will have the opportunity to choose attributes for their character.
Whats the percent for the top 3 collectors ?
The top 3 collectors will receive credits as curator on the final track split.

Top 1: 5%
Top 2: 3%
Top 3: 2%

Alex Paul
Alex Paul
Feel free to contact me